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Kienyeji chicken are the normal free range chicken found in the villages all over Kenya. They go broody, therefore sit on eggs, they lay a small amount of eggs, say, 15 – 20 eggs then sit on them, then they care for their chicks for around 1.5 months before they start laying again. They Kienyeji chicken are not known for big size or for laying big size eggs, you can tell a kienyeji chicken by looking at its skin, legs and eyes; they are supposed to be yellow in colour, although the KARI and Kuroiler are now being commercially reared nowadays, if they are left outside to roam around and free range like the Kienyeji, they do start turning yellow just like the Kienyeji, but they won’t go broody, and if they do they do not sit on the eggs for the whole 21 days, they tend to lose interest after a couple of weeks.
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