Fresh water shrimps Red - #416786C9

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Freshwater aquarium shrimp are some of the most overlooked critters to include in your tank. We understand why everyone gravitates toward fish, but these little animals have a lot to offer as well! Shrimp offer a unique look to your tank, are very low-maintenance, and many will even help keep it clean over time
Measure In: Fresh water shrimps

County VCO NAME Contact Telephone Avg Price(KES) Quantity Units Action
Siaya HONGE SELF-HELP GROUP 254729874076 4000 140 Sacks
Siaya TEM KADINYAL YOUTH GROUP 254720235046 350 4.5 Tonnes
Siaya UGAMBE OCHONGA WOMEN GROUP 254790091973 4000 8.1 Tonnes
Siaya KANYASEMBO OCHONG'A STORES KOKATCH 0115946903 1750 20 Sacks
Siaya PAP KADO INDUSTRIAL YOUTH GROUP 254717244355 4000 300 Bag
Siaya LING'NI OK MIYI UHUNDHA WOMEN GROUP 254710675133 400 100 Basin
Siaya HONGE BEACH 254714140372 400 300 Basin
Siaya UHANYA BEACH 254708054175 1700 40 Sacks
Siaya UTONGA BEACH 254712114184 3000 57.6 Sacks
Siaya WICHLUM BMU 254706828119 250 300 Kg
Siaya USENGE BEACH 254712632983 4000 100 Sacks
Siaya DUYA ENTERPRISE 254723740710 55 250 Kg

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