Mayai Kienyeji white - #032F4042

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Locally Manufactured
The chicken egg is made up of approximately two-thirds white and one-third yolk. ... The yolk contains lipids, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoid pigments. It is considered a rich source of bioavailable lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids which are present only in the egg yolk.
Measure In: Mayai Kienyeji

County VCO NAME Contact Telephone Avg Price(KES) Quantity Units Action
Siaya KADIKINY POULTRY FARM 254721836655 400 50 Crates
Siaya AYIE FARMERS GROUP 254799867137 400 3 CRATE
Siaya AMIT POULTRY 254796326123 600 30 Number
Siaya MOYIE POULTRY VACCINATION 254727870948 350 25 Crate
Siaya USIGU WIDOWS 254723321715 400 5 Tray
Siaya JIRANI MOYIE SELF HELP GROUP 254722250916 380 300 Tray
Siaya EBENEZER FARM 254718735203 13 600 Kg
Siaya JANE ROGO FARM 254722617012 15 300 Kg
Siaya KANYAKINDA FARM 0722248228 300 60 Create

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